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KING SATAN (FIN) "King Fucking Satan" CD


In a world of established scene rules and tightly pre-determined genre boundaries, a black industrial metal freaks of KING SATAN serves fresh angle with their obscene brand of extreme music. The band thrives to combine into its industrial and electro based metal music quite strong influences of extreme metal, mainly black and death metal together with dark electro, EBM, aggrotech and even hard rock! This all wrapped up into a bizarre mixture of lyrical themes found within occult philosophy, psychological mindfuck and even sociological satire hand in hand with renegade rock’n’roll spirit that surely bows to nothing and no one!

Even being electro/industrial adjoined act, ”King Fucking Satan” album was recored and produced primarily analog in the chambers of KING ALEISTER’s own BLACKVOX STUDIO where he had produced not only his own bands before, but such acts as BARATHRUM, HORNA, TELOCH and SACRIFICIUM CARMEN also - which states the bands deep roots in the rugged sound of black metal underground even transcending from there towards the whole another type of artistic approaching and genre-defying creativity with reminds more a twisted amalgam where bands like THE PRODIGY, SKINNY PUPPY, G.G. ALLIN, DEICIDE and MAYHEM would meet in a chaotically integral musical output that still sounds original as HELL (sic)!

”King Fucking Satan” will be out 26th May 2017 world wide.

Track listing of King Fucking Satan album.
1. Dance With The Devil
2. As Above So Below
3. Enter Black Fire
4. Psygnosis
5. Sex Magick
6. Satanized (Praise Hail Satan!)
7. Of Internal, Eternal & Spiritual War
8. Spiritual Anarchy
9. Destroy The World Or How To Combine Love And Misantrophy
10. Kali Yuga Algorithm

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