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NECROPSY (FI) "Bloodwork" CD


"Reformed in 2009 again, the Finnish Death Metal murder patrol, NECROPSY - may I even somewhat sarcastically say, have finally got their 1st ever studio album released on their own label, Tritonus Records. The band was active during the years 1987-1994, putting out heaploads of demos. But perhaps most people remember them best from a split LP with DEMIGOD that was released on a rip-off US label Seraphic Decay Records in 1992. Sadly, one year from that, NECROPSY decided to call it quits until coming back again in 2009. The question is, was their comeback worth all the wait then? I would say yes, if just this 12-track effort from the band, titled 'Bloodwork', can work any indicator for that. What I found a cool thing about NECROPSY, they have stayed loyal to their original roots, keeping things simple and brutal - and basically letting the same old beast out in the same carnal form I remember it severely to bite my angle before vanishing behind the woods for years for the next attack. "Bloodwork" reveals the band's blood-thirsty teeth as sharp and hungry as ever. There's something appealing in NECROPSY's straightforward and brutal old school Death Metal that at the end of the day makes you crave more for it. Maybe it's all about some jolly good nostalgia - maybe it's something totally different, I don't know. NECROPSY kind of reminds me of another disbanded Finnish Death Metal band ADRAMELECH. They don't try to be the trickiest and most progressive Death Metal act on the face of the earth, but count securely more on simple song structures to make everything to sound catchier and more easily to be digested for the listeners instead. It could be even said that the NECROPSY have drawn some vital songwriting power from a pool of the basics of old school Death Metal sound, trusting firmly to those certain things where they know for sure they are good at. Hence "Bloodwork" has gotten an extra amount of spins in my CD-player lately - somehow in a strange way, also suggesting me to say glad they are back. Good stuff." -Voices from the Darkside

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