01/08/2017 - AEGRUS "Thy Numinous Darkness" album release date & lyrics video

Saturnal Records announces a release date for Finnish AEGRUS and their second full length album titled ”Thy Numinous Darkness” for 20th October 2017 world wide.

AEGRUS plays straightforward, raw and yet melancholic brand of Finnish black metal, where coldness and darkness has been wrapped around the strong manifestation of extremely deep devotion towards black arts and Satanism. The band continues from where they left with their acclaimed debut ”Devotion for the Devil” and ”Conjuration of Old Echoes” EP, but now with much more renewed production and ripened atmosphere presenting the full range of the artistic expression of the entity that is AEGRUS. ”Thy Numinous Darkness” is very fierce brand of Finnish black metal sound, which follows the same tradition as such bands such as the bands like HORNA, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN and BEHEXEN, but with very strong sense of their own path and firm grip of their own touch.

”Thy Numinous Darkness” will be released 20th October 2017 via Saturnal Records world wide.

AEGRUS is a Finnish black metal band formed in 2005 at Kouvola, Finland by DARKSEER INCULTA and LUX TENEBRIS to act as a vision about satanic devotion and mockery against christianity. A vision that during the years of ripening has grown deeper and holistic with its misanthrophic outlook about Lucifer-Satan, Light and Darkness as a guiding force upon the members passionate interest towards darkness, occult, self-develoment and transcendental knowledge.

The band worked in the deep underground for the first years of its existence, forging series of fierce demos and ”Luciferian Engravings” (2011) EP that all led to a record deal with infamous french cult black metal label Drakkar Productions for the release of their long anticipated debut album.

After ten years of the birth of AEGRUS, ”Devotion for the Devil” (2015) was released in March 2015 and it was received very well among the critics and listeners with its very harsh and powerful Finnish black metal sound. Debut album was followed soon after with strong EP titled ”Conjuring the Old Echoes” (2016) and together with multiple live shows the band started gaining a reputation as a strong live band with its reaping energy.

In January 2017 AEGRUS had finished the recordings of their second full-length album and the mixings continue like with predecessor releases at Blackvox Studio which led to signing a contract with SATURNAL RECORDS for its release and band’s sophomore full-length album ”Thy Numinous Darkness” will be released 20th October 2017 World wide

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