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BARATHRUM is a Finnish black metal band founded at Kuopio, Finland in 1990 under name Darkfeast which changed into Barathrum the year after. Barathrum is one of the first Finnish black metal bands together with such acts as Beherit, Archgoat, Impaled Nazarene and Azazel, and has been ever since one of the most influential black metal bands - not only in scandinavia, but in the world.

Barathrum did several demos during the years 1991-1993 and which of all has gained cult status till today. After the demos Barathrum signed to an underground German record label NAZGUL’S EYRIE PRODUCTIONS with totally low studio budget which granted albums HAILSTORM (1995), EERIE (1995) and INFERNAL (1997) before the label went hiatus which left Barathrum as an unsigned artist. During the time Barathrum forged JETBLACK EP (1997) for FROZEN LANDS RECORDS which together with the Infernal album has been regarded the most shining monuments of the underground era of Barathrum before reaching more wide range of audience.

After Infernal album the band recorded a demo titled DEVILRY (1998) at infamous Studio Perkele with Sami Sämsen which eventually led to a record deal. Barathrum signed to SPINEFARM RECORDS (the home of Children of Bodom and Nightwish) and released notorious LEGIONS OF PERKELE (1998) album as their Spinefarm debut.

Following the year 1998’s EASTERN HOLOCAUST TOUR in Finland with UNPURE, WIZARD AND BABYLON WHORES, the band proved to be very extravagant and powerful live band. With unique sound the band had developed during the years where their jet black metal sound included elements of doom and hard rock together with two bass guitars playing the haunting riffs the band was known for.

Barathrum released with Spinefarm also such albums as SAATANA (1999), OKKULT (2000), VENOMOUS (2002) and ANNO ASPERA: 2003 YEARS AFTER BASTARD’S BIRTH (2005) making Barathrum one of the most prominent Finnish black metal bands in the genre’s history. These eight full-length albums comprised a sentence with their first letters of each album, ”Heil Sova” stating that the mastermind behind the madness is the band’s sole songwriter, lyricist and local legend DEMONOS SOVA - who has carried Barathrum through the seas of alcohol, madness and countless hardships together with equally many line-up changes since the beginning of the band.

There is no telling where the band goes next but while waiting the next move, Saturnal Records will release one long lost and unreleased album found from the archives, straight from the year 1993 titled ”Warmetal” together with first ever re-issue of ”Jetblack” EP in December 2014.


1991 - From Black Flames to Witchcraft (Demo)
1991 - Witchmaster (Demo)
1992 - Battlecry (Demo)
1993 - Sancissime Colere Satanas (Demo)
1993 - Sanctus Satanas (Studio & Stage) (Demo)
1993 - Soaring Up From Hell (Demo)
1995 - Hailstorm
1995 - Eerie
1997 - Jetblack EP
1997 - Infernal
1998 - Devilry (Demo)
1998 - Legions Of Perkele
1999 - Saatana
2000 - Okkult
2002 - Venomous
2005 - Anno Aspera: 2003 Years After Bastard's Birth
2009 - Long Live Satan (Live album)
2010 - Unholy Conspiracy (Split)
2014 - Warmetal
2014 - Jetblack Warmetal (Compilation)
2017 - Hellspawn (Single)
2017 - Fanatiko Release date 28th APRIL 2017

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