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The foundations of Funerary Bell were brought to life in the year 2007 when the idea of performing heavy and primordial black metal was materialized from the thoughts of moniker called Invoker of the Shadows. The first compositions were performed in solitude the same year and a release titled ”Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks” saw the light of the day. When it came to a year 2008, songs from the demo tape were re-recorded and rearranged into a split release with Blood Red Fog. The same year Funerary Bell's presence was strengthened with another participant as Templar of the Seven Suns was included to a line-up as a bass player. Songs for ”The Second Manifestation” EP were composed and recorded.

”The Second Manifestation” was released in the year 2009. Same year Funerary Bell would gain reinforcement from Caller of Sepulchral Doom who joined the lineup as a guitarist after being involved ”unofficially” on earlier releases of the band (i.e. recording and performing backing vocals in ”The Second Manifestation” and playing guitar in the BRF-split). The trio started recording material for the upcoming full-length titled ”The Coven” in spring of 2010. In autumn of aforementioned year Funerary Bell's lineup had another addition from lead guitarist Not of This World who had earlier operated within the band as a one-time live drummer and photographer.

In 2011 Templar of the Seven Suns was released to wander further his own paths and Funerary Bell was reduced to a trio. First full-length album ”The Coven” was released in spring 2011.

Autumn of 2012 signified a new era for the band. Two new talented musicians (Neverending Storm of Mars as a drummer and Henchman of the Untamed Forces as a bass player) stepped into the eerie realm of Funerary Bell and for the first time there was a complete lineup working with the ghouls of Caller, Not and Invoker.

Spring 2013 brought a new self released Funerary Bell cassette ep called ”Horrific TransCosmic Overture”. Hundreds of copies were spread around the world by the band and after a year Serbian metal label Odmetnik re-released the tape as 300 handnumbered, professionally manufactured copies with a logo pin.

Autumn of 2014 after handful of live performances and a demo recording Funerary Bell descended into studio to record the latest offering Graveyard Séance EP which will be released in spring 2015 through Saturnal Records as a 7” vinyl and digipak cd. The conspiracy with Saturnal Records will go on further as the band is currently composing and rehearsing for their second full length offering which will be recorded in the end of the above-mentioned year.


2007 - Heksakosioi Heksekonta Heks (Demo)
2009 - Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell Split
2009 - The Second Manifestation EP
2011 - The Coven
2013 - Horrific TransCosmic Overture EP
2014 - Horrific TransCosmic Overture / Live At Tombstone EP
2015 - Graveyard Seancé EP

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